Leitmotif(s) Stationery and fancy jewellery, it’s on Etsy !

The stationery and the fancy jewellery, it’s on Etsy!

Here we are, the stationery of Leitmotif (s) settles down little by little on Etsy.
Come to discover it !

You doubtless remember the article posted before the summer holidays, announcing the final closure* of the french platform of hand-made creation ” A Little Market ” and my choice to transfer my shop on Etsy, where jewels were already present in the shop Leitmotifsfantasy.
On second thought, Leitmotif (s) proposes you a unique shop grouping all its creations. Since July, the catalog is updated and proposes a translation in English for the international, because Etsy, unlike A Little Market, offers the possibility of trading with the whole world.

* Closure planned at the end of September

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