Closure of A Little Market

The best things always have the end….

Closure of the Web site of A Little Market:

Today, I have just learnt that the French site A Little Market, dedicated to the creators and hand-made crafts, is definitively going to close its virtual doors next September. The shop which Leitmotif(s) possesses on this website is going to disappear, but A Little Market suggests to there creators transferring their shops and their product sheets presentations on the website of Etsy (owner of A Little Market).

 Leitmotif (s) already possesses a shop called “Leitmotifsfantasy” on this site where are sold the jewels of the brand.

I chose to propose also the products of stationery and I hope that the “migration” of my index forms will be made with no problem at all, and soon as possible you can find the products of stationery of Leitmotif (s) on Etsy.

I ask you for a little of patience in the meantime, because I have to to take back all my index forms some to some to offer you a good visibility of my products.

 By hoping to see you and to find you again (for those who already followed me on A Little Market) on Etsy.

I wish you all of excellent summer holidays.


Rachel – Leitmotif ( s )


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