About the stationery

About products


All the products of the collection of stationery Leitmotif(s) are created, printed and shaped in France.


Why in France? It is  a little expansive! As it is told me…
Yes, maybe, but it is practical.
My manufacturers and/or their representatives are all in Paris region, my office is located in Rueil-Malmaison.

No need to get up at 1 am in the morning to contact an interlocutor at the other end of the earth : their closeness allows me to move at their office easily and quickly if necessary.

( And my travels must be able to be made by bus, in subway or walking… well, yes, I know, I’m an alien, I have no driving licence! But, let us look on the bright side, I limit my carbon print… in Paris region, it is rather nice!)

The closeness that also allows:

Not to place astronomical orders; my quantities are adjustable and flexible,
To avoid the endless deadlines of manufacturing; generally, a production comes true between 1 in 3 weeks,
Not to complicate things with the deliveries: no deadline with the freight, not (or little) of transport costs and especially, no customs rock ‘n’ roll clearance in triple copies…

I can dedicate myself a little more time to the creation, in search of new ideas, to prospect shops, in private sales, in exhibitions….

Who, how and with that are made my products? (I tell you quite finally almost)
Once drawings were created and were applied to the final products, I deliver computer files to my printer who realizes for me prototypes to validate products (material, quality of printing) and colors.


The printing, the paper:
The name of the printer? Sorry, trade secret!
All the papers used in my collection are certified ” FSC: Forest Stewardship Council “, that is they are manufactured from wood from eco-managed forests.
The packs of postcards of wishes and single postcards , the gift bags, pads and invitations are printed on paper 280 or 300 g / m2 quality.
The wrap paper is realized on a grammage 80 g.
Envelopes are in white paper 120 g / m2, with self-adhesive flap.


The button of the gift bags is in real mother-of-pearl called “Agoya” coming from the shell of a high oyster there Overseas. This button is made in France in Jura.
The ribbon satin of the gift bags is made in Haute-Loire. It’s weaved in 100 % polyester what give it a silky touch and brilliant colors.
The gift bags and invitations are cut on a specific machine, in a workshop in Paris city which employs young women on occupational reintegration.
The assembly of the button and the ribbon on the gift bags is hand-made, in this particular case, by mine…


Here is now you know everything!
I wish you a good visit on my website.


NB: ” all the drawings which you will see on this site are my creations. Thank you for respecting my copyright…
I am easily reachable…head to the contact us page…”