About Leitmotif(s)


As a fabric …

The story of Leitmotif(s)

Stylist for the ready-to-wear clothing, I worked during ten years with the textile publishers.
Select drawings in their collections and “re-colouring” in them, choose the bases of fabrics and make them print, follow the drawing until the final realization – the garment – gave me the desire to use this know-how and to create my own designs.
My motives are intended at first for the markets of the fashion and the decoration.

Then the idea came to use them for a line of stationery, worked as a collection of fabrics.

Each of my themes of stationery is built according to the same leitmotiv*:
Choice of a theme, a history of motives,
Creation of the coordinated drawings, always by four,
Hand-made at first,  with the computer in a second time ,
 Create the global motive by imbricating the various elements between them,
Create the rhythm, the movement, the repetition,
Choose one or several color ranges and to colour in the history …
Finally, decline the themes in collection with several products (cards, pads, gift bags, gift paper …)
As a “robrack” ** of fabric …
As a line of ready-to-wear clothing …
… And the collection Leitmotif (s) was born.

Since Christmas 2016, the collection got bigger with a fancy jewellery line, visible exclusively on Etsy.

The printing of the paper, the assembly of cabochons and the assembly of the various models of jewels: earrings, necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks and key rings are realized in France by myself.

Models are realized in small series, according to their success and someone can be unique. Anecdotally, all my jewels are baptized with the first names of my  bests friends.

You can discover my collections of stationery and of fancy jewellery in my shop Leitmotifsfantasy on Etsy

Thank you of the interest which you will carry in my creations, I wish you a good visit!


*Leitmotiv / leitmotif: indicate(appoint) in music a theme-key repeated in the course of one work, as a motive in a textile printed matter.
** Name given to the selections of fabrics.